Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When was the last time I blogged?

Was really busy with work during the past few months and also didn't really have time for lolita dressing up too. However, I still love lolita fashion and would try as much as possible to dress up in lolita if given the chance. Just last month, I attended something like a Dinner and Dance and I dressed up in one of my favourite lolita dress from Innocent World. The whole outfit was one of my favs so far.

I wanna say a big thanks to my lolita friends, Liping and Aeth who lent me the big beautiful hat and the wig. It was my first time attempting such a sweet lolita look and in a chiffon dress.

My friend, Cher-ly also came in her country lolita outfit and it was so fun taking pictures with her too. It's really great to have a friend who shares the same hobby and interest as you. It'll really be too lonely if you are involved in a hobby alone.