Thursday, November 8, 2012

9 months preggy in Loli!

  After talking online with one fellow Lolita who has just purchased some see through socks from me, I had the sudden motivation to blog again after looking at hers. Her blog is really pretty. Check out by Luly Salle. 

  So where did I disappear to since my last post? Besides being busy from work, being preggy just meant that any extra time I had was spent on sleeping and resting. It started with lots of nausea during the first three months which I hugged the toilet bowl every evening, eventually nausea kinda became my friend. Gradually moving on to second trimester which I really enjoyed - weight of the tummy was still manageable, the good appetite coming back and still, I could fit into normal clothes. Third trimester was really an intensive training period - a prelude to the birth of the baby. It was a training for me to wake up in the middle of the night and my goodness! I didn't know my tummy could be this big. This whole 9 months really tested my endurance.

  Nevertheless, being preggy did not mean that I will give up wearing lolita during this period of time. I still attended tea parties and gatherings with my friends and all the way to my 37th week. So in this post, I'm gonna show the lolita coordinates that I had during my 9 months. Sadly, I could not fit into any of my IW dresses though Innocent World is always my favourite Loli Burando. And my dresses are mostly from IW. 

Taken at about 4 months preggy
It was a bit tight at the waist though after I had my lunch. But still, I love the fawn print. 
This is my first Meta dress!
Headbow and Bag: Angelic Pretty
Blouse and Socks: BTSSB
JSK: Metamorphose Crown Label
Shoes: Bodyline

Taken at about 5 month preggy
I simply adore this print. I got it right away when it was under reservation on BTSSB website. 
And it turned out pretty well with my IW blouse! 
And I still could fit into it because it is not exactly tugged at the waist, but slightly above.
Headbow, JSK and socks: AATP Drosselmeyer Wonderbox
Blouse: Innocent World
Boots: Offbrand

There aren't many Loli clothes I could fit in already at 6 months. 
So I came up with a coordi with a loliable dress. 

Headbow & wristcuffs: Innocent World
JSK: Dress bought from Modcloth
Lace Bolero: Offbrand
Bag: Taobao
Lace Tights: Forever 21
Shoes: Offbrand

6 months preggy. 
I managed to get my full Milky-chan the Fawn full set in brown!!! 
I was looking for this OP in brown colorway for quite a long time. And I got it in full set! 
And I could fit into it because of its high waisted cutting! 

Headbow, Jsk, socks and bag: Angelic Pretty Milky-chan the Fawn
Shoes: Antaina 
Wig: GLW 

I was 7-8 months preggy and my tummy was really very obvious. 
I could not fit into any of my lolita dresses anymore as I don't have many high waisted ones. 
I borrowed this JSK from my friend, Kairei, and whoa! It fits like a glove, just that a little short due to my tummy. 
But this JSK is really cute! 

Headbow, JSK and necklace: Angelic Pretty Sugar Hearts
Blouse, Bag and Socks: BTSSB; Milky-chan bag and Judy Usakumya socks
Shoes: Antaina
Wig: Bought from ebay

My very last lolita outfit while waiting for my little gal to pop.
Dress was handmade by my seamstress; fabric was bought from my friend, Sakky. And the bows made by my best friend, Doreen.

Dress: Handmade
Lace Bolero and Hair Accessory: Offbrand
Bag: Replica Liz Lisa Bag
Socks: Japanese see through socks 
Shoes: Bodyline

  And of course, on 17 October, my gal was kind of ready and I reached the hospital at 1 pm. But my gal took her own sweet time and she was only out 14 hours later - 18 Oct 2012 at 3.09 am. The whole process of being in labour was really quite an experience. I didn't know that contractions could be sooooooooooooooooo painful!!! I only dilated 1.5 cm but the labour pains was already excruciating. I opted for epidural instead. Can't imagine going through the whole process without it. It was actually quite a relief when she was out. I was waddling wherever I went during the last few months. Now, the next phase of my life has begun. I could not wait for the day when I can do lolita twinning with my little princess. 

This is my little princess, Siew Yu Yean Gwyneth.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thank you, Black Alice!

It was pretty sad to receive email from Tim to say that Black Alice will be graduating. And the the tea party on 26 Dec will be the last one BA is going to organise. After reading the email, I remembered the first tea party that I went in 2009. It was BA anniversary party and there were many many Roris. I wore my first Burando dress from BTSSB which I bought from BA to the party. It was a very memorable tea party and luckily, Cher-ly accompanied me. Both of us knew no one.

We were greeted by the organisers of the tea party and everyone was so friendly. Then, I realised that I wasn't the only Lolita noob out there. We had lots of fun, games and it was the first time I came to know what OP and JSK are and the other Loli jargons. And I also found out that many Roris really like BTSSB! Subsequently, I went for almost all the tea parties organised by BA. The games are always so interesting, all modified with Rori themes. And I made many great Rori friends from these tea parties whom I still kept in touch with. All of us love going to the Black Alice store, even if it's just for visiting the Rori who was working in the shop that day or just to check out new dresses, we were always welcomed.

I want to thank Black Alice, for making my dream of being a Lolita alive. I never knew that one day, I would be able to walk along the streets in such pretty Loli clothes and to know that such pretty dresses do exist! Thank you, Black Alice!

Monday, December 13, 2010

EOY 2010 Lolita Fashion Runway - My Reflections

EOY was a yearly event end of the year for cosplayers, people who like watching cosplay as well as many lolitas. And of course, this year was the first time that I was involved in one of the programmes - Lolita Fashion Runway. It was an exciting experience for me though I was dead tired after everything. I took a day after the EOY to think about how many of the lolitas were eventually involved in this lolita fashion runway ands how friendships within the lolita circle were formed and brought beyond that.

While I was looking through the facebook messages the lolis were sending one another, I realise that we are really very passionate about this hobby of ours. If one loli does not have a dress or accessory, she just has to holler in FB and there will be at least 1 or 2 lolis who will come to the rescue to volunteer to lend any items they would think it's suitable. Many would also give ideas to how a certain coordinate can be done using affordable accessories from all time fav. shop Daiso! The little ideas and the support that we give one another is so unanimous and strong. In this preparation of the lolita runway, everyone just wanna ensure that evey loli looks good and have fun on stage. No one is kinda left alone or no one is there wanting to steal any limelight. Even on that day itself, everyone was helping one another in terms of makeup, fixing up wigs, borrowing pins, eye lash glue, fake lashes, makeup etc and remembering the runway layouts and standing positions. Even the lolis who were not involved in the runway came to help out as well. I guess our objectives was all the same - we want to show everyone what lolita fashion is truly all about. Through this, our friendships went one step further.

And of course, the lolis just make do with the amount of time we have left without complaints. Aeth, our lolita fashion runway organiser, had even gone the extra mile to get props for the lolitas e.g. flowers, marshmellows in the midst of her busy working schedule, bringing extra wigs for the lolis which was a good move, arranging makeup artists for us and insisting the stage crew to give us time for rehearsal on the stage. It was wonderful loli teamwork but at the same time, we were having fun in our dressing room, taking pictures and chatting about latest lolita fashions.

I would say that the lolita fashion runway was a success. I believe the audience had enjoyed it and my hubby who was there told me that all of us looked really pretty. The music was great and I'm glad I have participated in this year's runway. It's time that we showcase our beautiful loli dresses that we have since they already so expensive! Really hope that there will always be a lolita runway in all the future EOY!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Superfly - Alright!!

One of my favourite drama theme songs!! This is the theme song of BOSS starring Yuki Amami and Yutaka Takenouchi. I really enjoyed the drama a lot. And what can I say? Superfly has a great voice!!!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

AFA and Cosplay Lolita

Just about 2 weeks ago, it was Anime Festival Asia held at Suntec City Convention Centre. I had decided to dress up as a cosplay lolita. The only cosplay lolita dress I had was the one I bought from Haru a few years ago. A very pretty red cosplay lolita dress. I've only worn it once which was for a makeover session. After which, it was left hibernating in my Toyogo box.

Although it was not as classy as a classic lolita outfit, I still like the overall coordinate that I had come out with. I carried my Baby plush bag and also my BTSSB parasol. I set off with my sister, my hubby and a friend. My hubby and friend were all ready with their cameras, hoping to take some good shots of the cosplayers. I was excited as well.

When we reached there, it was already 12.30 pm. It was already pretty packed and my sister and my friend were trying to find the ticketing booth while I was trying to call my friend, Miao Miao to get my tickets from her. Before we knew it, everywhere was crowded. There were parents taking their children to just look at the cosplayers, taking photos etc. As usual, everyone was staring or looking at me due to my bright red cosplay lolita outfit. Sooner or later, there were people coming to me to ask to take a photo of me. And once I started with that, there was a whole crowd of photographers streaming towards me in like just a snap of the fingers! It was pretty intimidating but I didn't know how to turn them down. I was really not used to having so many people taking photos of me!

The best part in AFA is not just about watching cosplayers. It is about meeting friends and family there! I met up with Serena and her family. Serene has borrowed my lolita clothes for her two daughters to wear to the event. And I have to say that they look gorgeous! And because they were young, they are really true blue lolitas. Child and doll-like! I hope that they had an enjoyable time too.

Miao Miao and me

I also met up with my Cousin Min and her family for a short while. They were also going round to watch the cosplayers. And not forgetting Miao Miao and her friends, and my FB friend Hermes! She dressed up as Ranmao which I thought she looked great in it! It was also such a coincidence that I saw my relative, Sarah who cosplayed previous day.

Cousin Min and me

Sarah and Me

The only thing that I miss was going to the Butler cafe which had a super long queue of girls. My friend, Cherly who stayed on after I left actually queued for 1 hour!!!!!! But I guess it was all worth it to have a butler going on his knees and calling you Ojosama!!! According to my sister, the guys are not super handsome but I seriously did not mind queueing up if someone can accompany me!

Cher-ly and Me

But my feet was already aching badly due to my badly made lolita shoes by 3 plus in the afternoon. And my family was supposed to have a dinner at Peach Garden later. So my sis wanted to go home earlier to take a rest before going out again. My feet really hurt!!! And I had to go for foot reflexology a few days later. Thanks to my hubby who is always willing to go for such events with me. And I really enjoyed the company my sister, Terence and meeting up with other friends and family!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When was the last time I blogged?

Was really busy with work during the past few months and also didn't really have time for lolita dressing up too. However, I still love lolita fashion and would try as much as possible to dress up in lolita if given the chance. Just last month, I attended something like a Dinner and Dance and I dressed up in one of my favourite lolita dress from Innocent World. The whole outfit was one of my favs so far.

I wanna say a big thanks to my lolita friends, Liping and Aeth who lent me the big beautiful hat and the wig. It was my first time attempting such a sweet lolita look and in a chiffon dress.

My friend, Cher-ly also came in her country lolita outfit and it was so fun taking pictures with her too. It's really great to have a friend who shares the same hobby and interest as you. It'll really be too lonely if you are involved in a hobby alone.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Getting healthy lately...

It's a long time since I blog. It seems I don't really have the urge to blog as much as I used to. Anyway, I've been pretty health conscious lately. I don't know why but I seem to mind the slightly bulging tummy that I have. Actually the tummy is not really that bulging out but it's not flat which I would hope it will be.

I went to Atos Wellness once and I had my body fat and such checked. Everything was okay except that I had lots of water retention in my body. It was a problem all along I guess because the foot reflexologist also says that my body lacks water. I think it's pretty bad as I can get dehydrated easily and also bloated. I would normally get indigestion too. Now really, it soon dawned on me that my metabolism is not as high as it used to be. Really time to cut down on certain foods.

Thus, I decided to start on no-meat meals for breakfast and lunch. It doesn't mean that it has to be strictly vegetarian. WHY?? Some vegetarian food is actually quite fattening, esp. the mock meat and such. I would definitely prefer something that need not be strictly vegetarian but just vege and mushrooms or even toufu and staple such as rice or noodles. I have started for 3days and it has been great. It does feel weird as I am so used to taking meat all the time. And temptation is definitely there especially if the people around u in the restaurant or hawker centre is having roasted meat, bakchor noodles, Gyoza etc. BUT I RESISTED THE TEMPTATION! And I'm so glad I managed to overcome it.

My colleague actually recommended me to drink Cranberry juice which is good for detoxification. She has super discipline in carrying out her detox program. I bought Del Monte Cranberry juice but had to mix with honey so that it's not too sour. I had to strike a balance between that and ensuring my stomach is not too acidic. I normally have gastric problems and thus, really need to choose foods suitable for my stomach and also makes my stomach full as well. I love the Cranberry Honey drink that I drink everyday now. It tastes like Ribena!!! I look forward to drinking it everyday!!!

On Monday, I actually made this Black Sugar + Ginger drink. It does not really taste fantastic but still acceptable. This was recommended by my mom's friend who says that this targets at bloatedness, black sugar also helps to maintain the uterus healthy. I am also pretty concerned that I might be able to conceive in the future. My body is pretty 'han liang' and so, need to drink more herbal stuff.

And I just went for a swim yesterday and I really felt good though the strong sun rays left a tanned mark on my body. Hahaz, I swam at 2.45 pm but it was shiok to soak in the cooling waters. If it's not too cold tomorrow, I'll maybe go for a swim at 9 am before heading to do some packing at my work place.

I hope this diet makes me feel healthier and reduces the chances of getting indigestion. I am trying to motivate myself to do crunches now...