Saturday, May 29, 2010

Photos edited ~ Down Memory Lane ~

My fiance has just finished photo editing a few of the lolita photos from the Down Memory Lane series. Frankly, I am quite impressed with his skills though and I just adore him for being able to have innate artistic and linguistic ability. I mean for me, I don't want have the ability to interpret the message behind an abstract art piece or photograph. I really can't. I believe such things is inborn and cannot really be taught or learnt. For example, I used to buy Jimmy's chinese pictorial story books as the pictures were beautifully drawn. To me, it's just that pictures are pretty but to my fiance, he could actually interpret what each picture meant by looking at the colours, the facial expression of the characters, the setting of the picture etc. He could combine all these together to understand what the author is trying to portray.

When he told me that he wanted to go into photography, I am totally supportive of him. I think this hobby suits him really well and allows him to unleash his creativity and shows what he thinks and feels. For every picture that he takes, he could come up with a beautiful phrase to sum up what the photograph is trying to say. My fiance used to think that he does not have much strengths as compared to others but I told him, having this artistic ability is something which I hope I'll have but I don't. And I really envy those who are so artistically inclined. Of course, this is one of the things in him that makes me adore him very much.

Friday, May 28, 2010

New lolita purchases

Oh manz, it's quite some time since I updated this lolita blog of mine. Kinda feel bad...

I went to Black Alice on last Tuesday to collect some of my lolita items. I was really excited when Tim sent me an email to say that my Innocent World items have arrived. And yes! I've been waiting for my IW parasol!!

I kept telling myself that I should just collect my IW parasol, BTSSB parasol (I paid 20% deposit a few weeks ago) and my Carol Shoes from BTSSB. I could not resist getting the IW folders and after which, Grace told me that I needed another like $40 plus to get another stamp on my card which then marks the completion of my card that entitles me $60 worth of voucher. On top of that, since I spent $400, I will have an additional $20 voucher. I didn't mind spending another $40 but I didn't know what to buy until Grace showed me the IW white lace wristcuffs with small pearls. The wrist cuffs were indeed adorable and without hesitation, I added that to my purchase.

Innocent World Folder

Innocent World wrist cuffs

And.... what's more... Cathay was having a promotion. Every $75 I spend at Black Alice, I'll get a pair of free movie tickets though the max. number I can collect each day is only 3 pairs. BUT THAT'S BETTER THAN NOTHING!!!!! So in the end, I got 3 pairs of movie tickets and a total of $80 voucher from BA. okays... the 'auntie' side of me is coming out again... but I just can't help it. I love freebies...!!!

I actually tried on the Carol Shoes in BA and I thought the strap felt pretty loose. When I got home, I tried it on again and I thought I will need to get it altered or something which is kinda difficult. But my mom said that it looks pretty okay. It looks weird on my feet when I look down but it is okay from the front. After awhile, I've decided not to do anything about the shoes.

Both parasols are absolutely gorgeous!!!! The IW parasol is simple and great with any lolita dressing. I love the shape of the parasol and the simple lace deco at the outline of the parasol makes it so dainty. I really can't wait to carry this IW parasol for my ROM!

Innocent World parasol

BTSSB Parasol

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The 3 pairs of gloves for ROM

I was looking for a pair of gloves to be worn for my ROM. I actually got a pair from R-series but they didn't really fit my hands as my fingers are pretty thin. And the gloves didn't fit my wrist. It was till a gathering at Mykii with my lolita friends that I found out that the gloves from Rose Melody actually fit my hands very well!!! My lolita friend, Karmen, told me that they did not cost very much and they are really beautiful. I was then quite determined to get a pair for myself.

R-series lace gloves

Rose Melody Lace Gloves

When I knew that my lolita friend, Victoria, was opening a taobao spree, I told her about the gloves that I wanted to get. I was elated when she told me she actually got a pair of brand new ones but they didn't fit her hands very well. I was like 'hurray'!!! I don't have to wait for it to come after a weeks time. Finally, I met up with Victoria and she passed me the gloves. They were gorgeous and fit the size of my hands! Woots woots!


At about 11 plus at night, I showed the gloves to my sister and wore one of the gloves on my left hand. Just as I was trying to remove the gloves, I heard the 'tuk' sound and felt some tugging. Suddenly, I just had a bad feeling. True enough, there was a hole in the glove! I had pulled the glove out too hard! Orh............. I was just so angry with myself! Why did I use so much force?????? I kept trying to comfort myself that the hole was not too big and it was in the valley of the two fingers so it's not that obvious. I might still just wear it in the end.... But ultimately, this was not convincing enough and I could not go on with that. I had to get a new pair. Traditionally, it is not good to wear or use something that is broken on the wedding day.


I quickly emailed my Victoria to place an order for my gloves. She was so nice to help me order it together with the yukata orders so that they can arrive in time for my ROM. I guess maybe that pair of gloves is just not meant to be worn by me. And I learnt something too - be gentle with things made of lace!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

B'day presents!

I just had my birthday last Monday which was on 10th May. In the past, I used to be super excited about my birthday. Seriously now, I don't know why I don't really feel anything at all. Maybe I have matured?? Haz. I reported to work as usual and did not leave early like I usually will. I stayed at my work place to finish up my marking and work. I did not celebrate my actual birthday with my fiance as we have agreed that we will celebrated this coming weekend.

Nevertheless, I was really touched by the birthday wishes from my friends on facebook. A simple greeting 'Happy Birthday' really makes me feel that I have many friends and family around me who care for me. And what's more, my colleague and friend, Serene, bought me a birthday pressie too. I was really touched because it was personalised.

This bottle of sweets is from Serene. It's real colourful and the colours is just able to lift up your spirits. It tastes great too!!! Sweet and a little citric sour. I will not leave my office without taking one!

Another gift that I received from my colleague is a handmade card. Cher-ly got her friend to make a sweet lolita card for me. It was SOOOOOOOOOO SWEET AND PINK! I was so impressed with the card that and at first, I though she bought it from a bookshop or something. Later on, I ask her for her friend's blogshop. I went to take a look at the blogshop and WOW!!!!! All of her cards were really pretty!!! You can check out

I am just thankful that I have friends who really care for me. E.g. my best friend, Junie was the first one who smsed me to wish me a happy birthday and even asked me when I am free tomeet up to celebrate birthday. I am just so touched.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I have finally got to watch Kamikaze Girls but...

Kamikaze Girls - a Japanese movie that featured many of the lolita dresses from Baby, the stars shine bright. Well, I heard about the movie but I have not got to watch it till my fiance showed me the movie. My fiance didn't understand the movie - it's just not his cup of tea. He's into zombies, Greek mythology, movies that are just so profound or gross which just turns me off. Although I thought the movie started off quite hmz.. weird... it kinda still got my eyes glued to the screen and my butt to the sofa.

I didn't manage to finish the movie. I only watched till this girl Momoko showing her Grandma's motorbike to Ichigo. That was still considered quite the beginning of the movie. I was just tired that evening. If not, I would have finished watching it, I'm sure. My fiance was just like - 'What kind of a movie is this?' although he knew that much of the lolita fashion was shown in this movie.

But the part which I could relate to the movie was when Momoko tried all sorts of ways to earn money to buy her lolita dresses. I could see myself as her! But the funniest part is that the Dad actually buy her lies and gave her the money. She just have to mention things such as "my friend got a horrible illness and needs money for treatment and she's so poor, so we all had to help her!" Besides giving her the money, her dad actually BURST INTO TEARS TOO! Are there such silly dads? Well, if I'm her, my reasons will not be so lame actually.

The way she shops for loli clothes is just like me! THERE'S NO END! The word 'enough' will never be in my dictionary. I think this applies to many of the lolis too. No matter how expensive the clothes, we will do whatever we can to save up or find opportunities (e.g. birthdays, valentines' day, xmas) to get the loli dress we like. And I really salute the lolis who are currently schooling. I mean, it's even more difficult for them to save up and buy a dress unless their parents are super supportive and willing to give them the $$ to buy now and then. I mean although now I'm working and it's easier for me to buy loli clothes, other priorities eventually come in such as wedding and marriage. These two things are actually currently the things which I goes through my mind when I want to buy lolita stuff. "Should I save up that few hundred dollars for my wedding instead?" "I feel bad. Wedding and marriage should come first. I CAN'T BUY!" No matter what, some part of my money will definitely be reserved for my lolita clothes. It's already part of me.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My new WIG!!

I was so excited yesterday to receive the wig which I bought from ebay. Well, I had to make a trip to the post office to take the small package. I actually wanted to get a wig that is similar to Namie Amuro's hairstyle (shown below) but maybe in auburn brown. The wig turned out fine. The colour was gorgeous and the length was really what I wanted. But I felt that the bangs was not enough and was not as much as shown in the pic.

Well, it was worth the price though. I think only 44 SGD for this length. If I got from the shops, it will cost me at least 70 SGD or maybe 80 plus SGD. I tried it on immediately!!! I was super curious on how I would look like. And really, I love the look. I'm still thinking whether I can wear this to match my Usakumya JSK or even my Surface Spell Strawberry JSK.

I really don't know how many wigs I have already and I'm still waiting for another wig from Fantasy Sheep. I love their wigs and I have just ordered a lolita wig from them. I really can't wait to receive it and wear it for my ROM. Only after I have started with about 3-4 wigs that I realise wearing wigs can be REAL FUN! It's just to great to see the different looks I can create with these wigs!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Buying more and more makeup

Recently, I have been purchasing more and more cosmetics. The number of eye shadows I have is increasing and I cannot fit them into my mini drawers anymore. I had to put them into a separate box. Much of the makeup I buy is also to match my lolita outfits! Just 2 weeks ago, I bought eye shadow from Anna Sui. Really a great palette!

I don't know why, I can't resist looking at eye shadows, especially when I enter Watsons. The first station will be Majolica Majoca. Like today, I was hanging around there for around 20 minutes. My fiance was bored and he ended up testing and applying the eye shadow on his hand to get rid of his boredom! After which, he complained that his whole hand is glittery!

I really like the MM eye shadow palettes. All of them are so nice! But I'm want to get the cool colours - blue and green. I have almost every colour - pink, black, purple, brown but not the cool colours. There are a few eye shadow palettes that caught my eye. Although the jeweling eye series was launched in 2009, I quite like the green shade as well as the combination of blue and green shade.

I was hanging around Canmake section too and I found a lip gloss called Strawberry Milk I think. Looks really sweet too! I think they used to have many colours but now only reduced to 3.

I didn't know that Watsons have also brought in almost all the Kiss Me products. I am not a fan of Kiss Me products but quite interested in their eye lash glue and lip glosses too. After browsing for quite some time, my fiance has shown apparent signs of boredom and so, time to leave.

I am just waiting for my pay to come in! Hahaha! And start my cosmetics shopping at Watsons! Since it's my birthday month, I have 5X bonus points on my Watsons card! And Watsons is also currently having 20% discount on many MM cosmetics!