Monday, November 22, 2010

AFA and Cosplay Lolita

Just about 2 weeks ago, it was Anime Festival Asia held at Suntec City Convention Centre. I had decided to dress up as a cosplay lolita. The only cosplay lolita dress I had was the one I bought from Haru a few years ago. A very pretty red cosplay lolita dress. I've only worn it once which was for a makeover session. After which, it was left hibernating in my Toyogo box.

Although it was not as classy as a classic lolita outfit, I still like the overall coordinate that I had come out with. I carried my Baby plush bag and also my BTSSB parasol. I set off with my sister, my hubby and a friend. My hubby and friend were all ready with their cameras, hoping to take some good shots of the cosplayers. I was excited as well.

When we reached there, it was already 12.30 pm. It was already pretty packed and my sister and my friend were trying to find the ticketing booth while I was trying to call my friend, Miao Miao to get my tickets from her. Before we knew it, everywhere was crowded. There were parents taking their children to just look at the cosplayers, taking photos etc. As usual, everyone was staring or looking at me due to my bright red cosplay lolita outfit. Sooner or later, there were people coming to me to ask to take a photo of me. And once I started with that, there was a whole crowd of photographers streaming towards me in like just a snap of the fingers! It was pretty intimidating but I didn't know how to turn them down. I was really not used to having so many people taking photos of me!

The best part in AFA is not just about watching cosplayers. It is about meeting friends and family there! I met up with Serena and her family. Serene has borrowed my lolita clothes for her two daughters to wear to the event. And I have to say that they look gorgeous! And because they were young, they are really true blue lolitas. Child and doll-like! I hope that they had an enjoyable time too.

Miao Miao and me

I also met up with my Cousin Min and her family for a short while. They were also going round to watch the cosplayers. And not forgetting Miao Miao and her friends, and my FB friend Hermes! She dressed up as Ranmao which I thought she looked great in it! It was also such a coincidence that I saw my relative, Sarah who cosplayed previous day.

Cousin Min and me

Sarah and Me

The only thing that I miss was going to the Butler cafe which had a super long queue of girls. My friend, Cherly who stayed on after I left actually queued for 1 hour!!!!!! But I guess it was all worth it to have a butler going on his knees and calling you Ojosama!!! According to my sister, the guys are not super handsome but I seriously did not mind queueing up if someone can accompany me!

Cher-ly and Me

But my feet was already aching badly due to my badly made lolita shoes by 3 plus in the afternoon. And my family was supposed to have a dinner at Peach Garden later. So my sis wanted to go home earlier to take a rest before going out again. My feet really hurt!!! And I had to go for foot reflexology a few days later. Thanks to my hubby who is always willing to go for such events with me. And I really enjoyed the company my sister, Terence and meeting up with other friends and family!