Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Getting healthy lately...

It's a long time since I blog. It seems I don't really have the urge to blog as much as I used to. Anyway, I've been pretty health conscious lately. I don't know why but I seem to mind the slightly bulging tummy that I have. Actually the tummy is not really that bulging out but it's not flat which I would hope it will be.

I went to Atos Wellness once and I had my body fat and such checked. Everything was okay except that I had lots of water retention in my body. It was a problem all along I guess because the foot reflexologist also says that my body lacks water. I think it's pretty bad as I can get dehydrated easily and also bloated. I would normally get indigestion too. Now really, it soon dawned on me that my metabolism is not as high as it used to be. Really time to cut down on certain foods.

Thus, I decided to start on no-meat meals for breakfast and lunch. It doesn't mean that it has to be strictly vegetarian. WHY?? Some vegetarian food is actually quite fattening, esp. the mock meat and such. I would definitely prefer something that need not be strictly vegetarian but just vege and mushrooms or even toufu and staple such as rice or noodles. I have started for 3days and it has been great. It does feel weird as I am so used to taking meat all the time. And temptation is definitely there especially if the people around u in the restaurant or hawker centre is having roasted meat, bakchor noodles, Gyoza etc. BUT I RESISTED THE TEMPTATION! And I'm so glad I managed to overcome it.

My colleague actually recommended me to drink Cranberry juice which is good for detoxification. She has super discipline in carrying out her detox program. I bought Del Monte Cranberry juice but had to mix with honey so that it's not too sour. I had to strike a balance between that and ensuring my stomach is not too acidic. I normally have gastric problems and thus, really need to choose foods suitable for my stomach and also makes my stomach full as well. I love the Cranberry Honey drink that I drink everyday now. It tastes like Ribena!!! I look forward to drinking it everyday!!!

On Monday, I actually made this Black Sugar + Ginger drink. It does not really taste fantastic but still acceptable. This was recommended by my mom's friend who says that this targets at bloatedness, black sugar also helps to maintain the uterus healthy. I am also pretty concerned that I might be able to conceive in the future. My body is pretty 'han liang' and so, need to drink more herbal stuff.

And I just went for a swim yesterday and I really felt good though the strong sun rays left a tanned mark on my body. Hahaz, I swam at 2.45 pm but it was shiok to soak in the cooling waters. If it's not too cold tomorrow, I'll maybe go for a swim at 9 am before heading to do some packing at my work place.

I hope this diet makes me feel healthier and reduces the chances of getting indigestion. I am trying to motivate myself to do crunches now...


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