Monday, December 13, 2010

EOY 2010 Lolita Fashion Runway - My Reflections

EOY was a yearly event end of the year for cosplayers, people who like watching cosplay as well as many lolitas. And of course, this year was the first time that I was involved in one of the programmes - Lolita Fashion Runway. It was an exciting experience for me though I was dead tired after everything. I took a day after the EOY to think about how many of the lolitas were eventually involved in this lolita fashion runway ands how friendships within the lolita circle were formed and brought beyond that.

While I was looking through the facebook messages the lolis were sending one another, I realise that we are really very passionate about this hobby of ours. If one loli does not have a dress or accessory, she just has to holler in FB and there will be at least 1 or 2 lolis who will come to the rescue to volunteer to lend any items they would think it's suitable. Many would also give ideas to how a certain coordinate can be done using affordable accessories from all time fav. shop Daiso! The little ideas and the support that we give one another is so unanimous and strong. In this preparation of the lolita runway, everyone just wanna ensure that evey loli looks good and have fun on stage. No one is kinda left alone or no one is there wanting to steal any limelight. Even on that day itself, everyone was helping one another in terms of makeup, fixing up wigs, borrowing pins, eye lash glue, fake lashes, makeup etc and remembering the runway layouts and standing positions. Even the lolis who were not involved in the runway came to help out as well. I guess our objectives was all the same - we want to show everyone what lolita fashion is truly all about. Through this, our friendships went one step further.

And of course, the lolis just make do with the amount of time we have left without complaints. Aeth, our lolita fashion runway organiser, had even gone the extra mile to get props for the lolitas e.g. flowers, marshmellows in the midst of her busy working schedule, bringing extra wigs for the lolis which was a good move, arranging makeup artists for us and insisting the stage crew to give us time for rehearsal on the stage. It was wonderful loli teamwork but at the same time, we were having fun in our dressing room, taking pictures and chatting about latest lolita fashions.

I would say that the lolita fashion runway was a success. I believe the audience had enjoyed it and my hubby who was there told me that all of us looked really pretty. The music was great and I'm glad I have participated in this year's runway. It's time that we showcase our beautiful loli dresses that we have since they already so expensive! Really hope that there will always be a lolita runway in all the future EOY!


ARIAKE said...

So touched after reading our EOY & our lolita Milestones. & friendship! Lolita no longer have politics! whahahahaha

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