Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thank you, Black Alice!

It was pretty sad to receive email from Tim to say that Black Alice will be graduating. And the the tea party on 26 Dec will be the last one BA is going to organise. After reading the email, I remembered the first tea party that I went in 2009. It was BA anniversary party and there were many many Roris. I wore my first Burando dress from BTSSB which I bought from BA to the party. It was a very memorable tea party and luckily, Cher-ly accompanied me. Both of us knew no one.

We were greeted by the organisers of the tea party and everyone was so friendly. Then, I realised that I wasn't the only Lolita noob out there. We had lots of fun, games and it was the first time I came to know what OP and JSK are and the other Loli jargons. And I also found out that many Roris really like BTSSB! Subsequently, I went for almost all the tea parties organised by BA. The games are always so interesting, all modified with Rori themes. And I made many great Rori friends from these tea parties whom I still kept in touch with. All of us love going to the Black Alice store, even if it's just for visiting the Rori who was working in the shop that day or just to check out new dresses, we were always welcomed.

I want to thank Black Alice, for making my dream of being a Lolita alive. I never knew that one day, I would be able to walk along the streets in such pretty Loli clothes and to know that such pretty dresses do exist! Thank you, Black Alice!


Tim Wong said...

Thank you Hoi~


- Tim

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