Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chanced upon very nice lolita coordinate

I was surfing the forum, Lolita and saw a very nice lolita coordinate from one the forum members, Jola. I really like the pink strawberry dress that she was wearing and really thought she carried it off really well. I have to say also that her red hair is so pretty! I would to get a wig that is similar to her hair style. She also reminds me of characters in the fairy tale, like a girl exploring a garden or something. Well, this is really very good coordinate. Thumbs up for Jola! And not forgetting the pretty strawberry basket - it looks yummy! Haz!

Thanks to Jola who is willing to share her pic here! :)

Well, I don't think I will look as good as this if I wear this Baby JSK. There are just some lolita styles which I feel I can't carry it off well. But sometimes, we never know. It's like - I have never dreamt that I look good in country lolita but it turned out quite okay actually. I think I might wanna start trying out in Gothic Lolita, and I'm also looking forward to wear my ROM and Wedding Shoot classical lolita dress from Innocent World.

Country Lolita


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