Saturday, May 1, 2010

Buying more and more makeup

Recently, I have been purchasing more and more cosmetics. The number of eye shadows I have is increasing and I cannot fit them into my mini drawers anymore. I had to put them into a separate box. Much of the makeup I buy is also to match my lolita outfits! Just 2 weeks ago, I bought eye shadow from Anna Sui. Really a great palette!

I don't know why, I can't resist looking at eye shadows, especially when I enter Watsons. The first station will be Majolica Majoca. Like today, I was hanging around there for around 20 minutes. My fiance was bored and he ended up testing and applying the eye shadow on his hand to get rid of his boredom! After which, he complained that his whole hand is glittery!

I really like the MM eye shadow palettes. All of them are so nice! But I'm want to get the cool colours - blue and green. I have almost every colour - pink, black, purple, brown but not the cool colours. There are a few eye shadow palettes that caught my eye. Although the jeweling eye series was launched in 2009, I quite like the green shade as well as the combination of blue and green shade.

I was hanging around Canmake section too and I found a lip gloss called Strawberry Milk I think. Looks really sweet too! I think they used to have many colours but now only reduced to 3.

I didn't know that Watsons have also brought in almost all the Kiss Me products. I am not a fan of Kiss Me products but quite interested in their eye lash glue and lip glosses too. After browsing for quite some time, my fiance has shown apparent signs of boredom and so, time to leave.

I am just waiting for my pay to come in! Hahaha! And start my cosmetics shopping at Watsons! Since it's my birthday month, I have 5X bonus points on my Watsons card! And Watsons is also currently having 20% discount on many MM cosmetics!


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