Monday, April 26, 2010

Getting into the Lolita World

Finally, I've decided to set up my very own Lolita blog. So far, I've not decided what to put inside this blog. Well, of course, lolita is the main theme.

As I look back when I first got into the world of loli fashion, I was kinda overwhelmed with the things related to lolita such as parts of a lolita outfit, how did it come about, what kind of make-up goes with it etc. Most importantly, I managed to find many girls who are also into lolita fashion. It was just so great knowing them and also to find out that I'm not the only one who is embracing this form of fashion which is still considered 'cosplay' to many. Getting into lolita has allowed me to escape, gave me a chance to dress up and make many loli friends.

Every time I dress up in loli, I feel different. I feel as if I'm not in this real and practical world. It's like I'm in another dimension which I just want to look and feel pretty (I'm not trying to say that I am pretty but wanna feel that way) and to be the other side of me. Sometimes, I feel that I have another personality but okay, this is creepy. The other side of me just wants to be a little girl, never to grow up but just enjoy every moment that does not require me to think about $$ and work - having tea with friends, going out in the garden (which explains my photoshoots), exploring everything around me, carrying baskets and flowers etc.

I do get a little sad when I leave my loli friends every time we end our gatherings. It means - back to reality. Escapism will come to an end eventually. At least I found and have the chance to escape. It's a beautiful dimension. This makes me look forward to every lolita gathering or photo shoot I go to and of course, to treasure the time I have with my loli friends. I'm glad I've found this dimension. A wonderful dimension.


Gwen said...

Maybe u should do a writeup about how lolita came about since u said it is still considered as 'cosplay' by lots of people. Such ppl should be informed and for all u may know, there will be more ppl who will dress up as lolita then! Anyway, I read abt the history of lolita somewhere before though i cannot remember exactly where.. so i know it is not 'cosplay'. Oh, u can also write about the different types of lolita. I doubt ppl know that.

And hahaha, I IS THE FIRST PERSON TO COMMENT!!!!!!!!!! okay cheap thrill.

Hoiz said...

Haha yeah. I'm going to do just that. My first outfit is actually cosplay lolita. Ya... I think I should blog about that too. haha, we all need cheap thrills to keep ourselves alive.

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