Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Short trip to BA 28th April

After receiving an email from Black Alice, I decided to make a trip and see the accessories that had just arrived. The weird thing is that each time I go to BA from school, it will be raining. This happened like 3-4 times already. Luckily, it has only started to drizzle when I reached Dhoby Ghaut. But the drizzle was actually getting heavier. Still, I managed to run into the building before the rain became uncontrollable.

I was kinda tired today because I didn't really had a good night rest yesterday. I was still suffering from the horrible indigestion which started on Monday evening. I could feel my intestines squeezing and bloated. I told myself, "I just have to go to Black Alice. I will feel better after that." True enough, I did.

It was Su Yee who was tending to the shop today. When I saw her, my spirits was definitely lifted up. Even looking at the loli clothes made me feel better. Without wasting much time, I browsed through the accessories. Well, the first thing Su Yee told me was, "There's new arrival of baby items today! All very nice!" Haha yeah, that was why I was there! She handed me the a head band from Baby. Ooh! It was pretty! I was wondering it matches my ROM outfit though.

After awhile, I decided on a parasol. I have not yet owned a parasol from Baby. Their parasols are elegant, sweet and very versatile! It matches with almost any of the lolita outfits. And definitely, I will want to get an off white colour one. I've always wanted to get it but it is usually sold out in Black Alice and even on the Baby website. Although I've already ordered a parasol from Innocent World, I could not resist the Baby parasol. As Su Yee was helping me to issue a receipt, I was trying on some JSKs from Baby too. And whoa! I love the Alice Portrait JSK. IT WAS GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS! The material is satin-like, so smooth and comfy and of course not heavy at all. But it costs $445!!! ARGH!!! I CAN'T BUY!!!!

I decided to think about it. Seriously think about it and not be impulsive like I usually was. I'm actually proud that I could resist the temptation! HIP HIP HURRAY! I think Kelvan will be very proud of me too.. and maybe... he might sponsor or like what my colleagues say "make a co-payment" of that dress for my birthday in May.... Ermz.. ??

Besides that wonderful dress trying, I had a great chit chatting session with Su Yee. I still have to say that Tim made an absolute wise decision to put a couch in the shop. We talked about lolita and many things under the sun. I felt the stress far away from me and fatigue just miraculously faded away. When I started to head home, the feeling was quite sian. It was 6 p.m. The train was packed and it seems that the journey home was super long and draggy. Nevertheless, I'm glad that I gave myself a short break and entered into the lolita world for just a few hours. It was worth it.


Cher said...

Hm...What email? I didn't see any in my inbox leh.

Yes, the Alice Portrait JSK is a beauty. =) As for the headband, it seems a little plain for ROM. Maybe you can wear it together with some flowers or bows etc.

Hoiz Hanamiko said...

Haha yeah, that's why I didn't buy it in the end. I'm trying to get co-payment from my fiance for the alice portrait plus maybe my sis (since my bday coming) hahaha...

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