Monday, April 26, 2010

This is nice! That is nice! EVERYTHING IS NICE!

The thing about lolita fashion is that there's no end to your collection. When you go to the BTSSB website, Innocent World or Angelic Pretty website, everything is nice or maybe if u have the money, you will want to buy 80-90% of the stuff. But it's expensive, especially the branded ones. Sometimes, I refrain from visiting the website so that I will not be tempted.

But even we go to cheaper sites like those from Taobao, it is not as if we will not spend a bomb. Because it is so much cheaper than the branded ones, you tend to buy more because it's much more worth it. First, you tell yourself you wanna get a pair of replica shoes. Then because it's cheap, then you start to buy two pairs. This is to make shipping more worth it too. After shoes, you see the socks! OH MY! SOCKS!!! Different colours of the same design all look so cute!! You feel like buying all. After you select all the lolita stuff u wanna get from Taobao, OOPs! It kinda costs a bomb already. Then you start to deselect... that's when you find it real tough to fight against your inner self. IT IS A STRUGGLE! PAINFUL!

Then you start discussing with your loli friends... what they are buying. I don't know about other lolis but when I know that everyone is buying a lot, then I don't feel so bad. hahaah! And I'll deselect less. But the fun part is the discussion especially via facebook. Everyone will see what they like, ask about sizes, which colour is the best, and we all spree together. That's kinda fun!

And of course I have to mention trying out the loli clothes at Black Alice. Oh my! It's real fun! I mean, sometimes you are not sure whether you wanna buy but you just wanna see how you look like in that dress. And one dress get tried on from one loli to another, giving comments and after that, wow at each other when the dress is tried on. The whole process is just so heart warming. It's like a big family. And of course, you end saying again, "Everything is nice!" But purely the reason is also --> "Everyone is so friendly and nice too!" That's the loli community.


Gwen said...

And now, cos of me, u have another site to browse through. Modcloth!!!!

Hoiz said...

Hohoho!!! I need more $$$!!!

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