Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Got my hair rebonded

Okay, I realised that it's super long since I wrote on my blog. I guess I was just so busy with work and the fatigue has caused me to be lazy. Now to start writing on my lolita blog kinda caught me. I dun really know where to start.

I thought of writing about fixing fake eyelashes and the eyelash glue from Kiss Me which I think solved my 'stressed up' eyelash fixing session. But hmz, this not really not something I really wanna holler in my blog. So I'll leave that to some other time.

Recently, I got my hair rebonded when I realised that it's really getting longer and the ends started to curl up. I am pretty envious of those whose hair is the 'easy to manage' kind. It's a breeze for them to leave long hair. But for me and my sis, leaving long hair is like a battle. When my hair gets longer, it gets more fizzy and the ends curls up in different directions. I'm left with no choice but to tie it up. But when I let my hair down, it's looks horrible and messy.

Rebonding didn't really occur to me as I always that with that amount of hair that I have, I will look horrible if I do rebonding. My hair is thin, not very volumnised and my head is pretty small too. And if I go for rebonding, my hair will be so flat! It was till I saw my colleague's hair. She was complaining much about her wavy ends which irritates her. She went for half rebonding and her hair turned out to be pretty natural and more manageable as well. I was kinda interested then. I went to Toa Payoh Central after work and walked into a hair salon which was recommended to me by my another colleague. The hair stylist says that she would do soft rebonding for my hair. I was kinda excited and could not wait to see the result.

After the whole session, I was pretty satisfied with the look although it was not loli. Hahaz... now I look more like Cleopatra (which was mentioned to me by someone). The hair looks longer as well as the ends are more or less straight. My hubby liked it though. He thought it was interesting. But most importantly is that my hair is definitely more manageable now and not fizzy.


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