Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Crazy over Head Bands & Headdresses

Recently, I'm kind of crazy over head bands and headdresses and I'm always on the search for cheap ones. I mean I can't keeping pouring out $$ to get the Lolita brands. They are just so expensive! Well, of course they are really pretty but forking out like $50 plus just to get a head dress is realli xim tia! And just this week, I bought maybe 5 head bands for loli use. Most of them cost less than $10 each and they look pretty fine as Lolita head dresses.

And really, I always believed that there's no need to wear loli that is branded from head to toe. I can always find many other alternatives such as accessories that go well with loli too. I've found shops now that I go to buy my accessories.

One of the shops that I think I'll constantly patronise is Mini Princess at Bishan Junction 8. This shop is sister store of Mini Toons that is located at the 4th level of the Junction 8. And really, this shop just tells us one thing - If you have children who are girls, you gonna be broke. They sell a wide range of princess-like clothings for little girls, accessories and even items like laced baskets, display boxes etc. And indeed they are pretty loli in some ways. They have a whole lot of pink head bands!!! So lolis who are looking for pink headbands can definitely find something there. Of course, they have bling styles, as well as lacy and sweet ones.

Mini Princess Shop at Junction 8

I love this cutesy crown in pink on one side of the head band. So pretty!!!!

The cherries look great and yummy! And the colour of this head band is a comfy pink too!

This is a simple head band that matches with many lolita outfits.

Bridal-like ribbon and mesh

Another great shop that sells a variety of accessories of different styles is Diva. They have a branch in Junction 8 just opened and haz! I guess they pose a great threat to Helen that's just a few steps away. Personally, I prefer Diva to Helen as the things are actually cheaper and more unique. Diva even sell necklaces that has a pendant like an antique watch, lacy necklaces with pearls etc and they are not ex. The previous time I check out Helen on a necklace and it costs $30 plus $40.

I love this very much. It's really sweet and simple. Thinking of wearing this for ROM.

Simple Off-white mesh head band

I think it's time to stop buying head bows and head bands already. I have to STOP!!! I can't help it but go gaga when I see beautiful head bands!


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