Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nature Republic Products

Just recently, I kinda fell in love with products from this Korean brand - Nature Republic. Besides loving their products, their customer service is SUPERB!!!! I've been there twice and every shopping experience was a great one. I mean, there has been quite a number of Korean brand skincare shops sprouting over Singapore such as Face Shop, Skin Food, Etude House and Beauty Credit.

There's actually a Nature Republic shop at Junction 8 and it was there quite some time ago but I did not take a look at their products before. To me, what they were selling were pretty the same as those in Face Shop and Skin Food. After I had my foot massage at Kenshington the other day, I just felt like doing some window shopping and I headed towards Nature Republic. I thought of just getting a gel eyeliner brush as I just got a gel eyeliner and I did not have a brush to apply. When I was browsing through the brushes, the salesgirl came over and told me that there's a storewide 15% off.

After getting what I needed, I decided to just walk one round the shop before making payment... but the lip glosses and lipsticks caught my eye. I started trying the glosses on my hand to check out the colours. The salesgirl quickly came over and handed me a facial cotton dapped with makeup remover so that I can clean my hand. I was already quite impressed with that quick response from the salesgirl. I mean, I didn't get the same treatment when I was in the other Korean brand shops. The salesgirl then started explaining to me the different lip glosses that they have and asked me what kind of colour I was looking for. She started applying the colours on her own hand. And know what? All the colours are so 'lolita'!!! I mean, it's pretty difficult to find lolita-like colour lipsticks in these shops. Most of them are either too brown or too light or too red. I was trying to find sweet pink shades and Nature Republic carries many of them! Finally, I decided on the lipstick and lip gloss that I wanted. The colour is fantastic.

I continued to browse through the other products such as the mens' range and other facial products. She recommended me the Eco Garden series which is an organic product but I already had the full skin care at home. She was not pushy at all and told me that I can give it a try after I have finished with my present one. She recommended a few products for men and I thought I can let my hubby try it. Finally, I got my hubby a facial wash, serum and a facial toner. I didn't buy much for myself but I got a whole lot of freebies from them. Facial masks and samples too.

So far, I love their body scrub. It's black berry and blue berry body scrub. It smells heavenly and the exfoliating beads are gentle on the skin too. I have dry and sensitive skin and this product is really good. My skin feels completely relaxed after the scrub and the wonderful smell is therapeutic too. I feel as if I'm in a garden full of berries. I look forward to the next body scrub bath everytime!

In the end, I bought a whole of stuff --> a total of $120! So I got two foot masks for free and a few facial masks. I also bought fake eye lashes which the salesgirl went the extra mile to show the slight differences among them. I love my first shopping experience at Nature Republic.


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