Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Don't judge the food from the menu

I had a great dinner with my good friends, Junie and Joanna , last week to celebrate Junie's Birthday. We had dinner at Pasta De Waraku and till now, I was still amazed at how things can look different from the menu.

I quite like the food at Pasta De Waraku so far though it's not exactly fantastic but the service is not bad and still, the food is yummy. Well, I felt that the standard dropped a little and I still prefer the Pasta De Waraku when it first opened a few years ago. What kinda disappointed me was the Ichigo Milk. When I saw the menu, the Ichigo milk looks so good so I ordered.

Alas! What came to me was like a glass of Dutch Lady Strawberry Milk with less than 5 mini strawberry bits. "Huh? Like that only ar..?" was what came to me. I felt really 'cheated' by the menu and I was not in the mood of questioning the mamager whether he has given me the right order. Oh well, it was really Ichigo Milk when I drank it. It was obviously bought from the supermarket and poured into a nice-looking glass to fit the image in the menu which failed terribly. It tastes simply like the cheap strawberry milk from the supermarket. And it costs me $3.80!!! At least they should have bought Meiji milk la.

I was disappointed lor. $3.80 for a glass of strawberry milk from the supermarket. I've learnt to not judge the food by the pictures in the menu!


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