Friday, May 28, 2010

New lolita purchases

Oh manz, it's quite some time since I updated this lolita blog of mine. Kinda feel bad...

I went to Black Alice on last Tuesday to collect some of my lolita items. I was really excited when Tim sent me an email to say that my Innocent World items have arrived. And yes! I've been waiting for my IW parasol!!

I kept telling myself that I should just collect my IW parasol, BTSSB parasol (I paid 20% deposit a few weeks ago) and my Carol Shoes from BTSSB. I could not resist getting the IW folders and after which, Grace told me that I needed another like $40 plus to get another stamp on my card which then marks the completion of my card that entitles me $60 worth of voucher. On top of that, since I spent $400, I will have an additional $20 voucher. I didn't mind spending another $40 but I didn't know what to buy until Grace showed me the IW white lace wristcuffs with small pearls. The wrist cuffs were indeed adorable and without hesitation, I added that to my purchase.

Innocent World Folder

Innocent World wrist cuffs

And.... what's more... Cathay was having a promotion. Every $75 I spend at Black Alice, I'll get a pair of free movie tickets though the max. number I can collect each day is only 3 pairs. BUT THAT'S BETTER THAN NOTHING!!!!! So in the end, I got 3 pairs of movie tickets and a total of $80 voucher from BA. okays... the 'auntie' side of me is coming out again... but I just can't help it. I love freebies...!!!

I actually tried on the Carol Shoes in BA and I thought the strap felt pretty loose. When I got home, I tried it on again and I thought I will need to get it altered or something which is kinda difficult. But my mom said that it looks pretty okay. It looks weird on my feet when I look down but it is okay from the front. After awhile, I've decided not to do anything about the shoes.

Both parasols are absolutely gorgeous!!!! The IW parasol is simple and great with any lolita dressing. I love the shape of the parasol and the simple lace deco at the outline of the parasol makes it so dainty. I really can't wait to carry this IW parasol for my ROM!

Innocent World parasol

BTSSB Parasol


DCF said...

I just love those shoes *w* I wish they would sell those kind of shoes in Finland too..umh,okay they do,but they all are in kids sizes .__.''

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