Saturday, May 29, 2010

Photos edited ~ Down Memory Lane ~

My fiance has just finished photo editing a few of the lolita photos from the Down Memory Lane series. Frankly, I am quite impressed with his skills though and I just adore him for being able to have innate artistic and linguistic ability. I mean for me, I don't want have the ability to interpret the message behind an abstract art piece or photograph. I really can't. I believe such things is inborn and cannot really be taught or learnt. For example, I used to buy Jimmy's chinese pictorial story books as the pictures were beautifully drawn. To me, it's just that pictures are pretty but to my fiance, he could actually interpret what each picture meant by looking at the colours, the facial expression of the characters, the setting of the picture etc. He could combine all these together to understand what the author is trying to portray.

When he told me that he wanted to go into photography, I am totally supportive of him. I think this hobby suits him really well and allows him to unleash his creativity and shows what he thinks and feels. For every picture that he takes, he could come up with a beautiful phrase to sum up what the photograph is trying to say. My fiance used to think that he does not have much strengths as compared to others but I told him, having this artistic ability is something which I hope I'll have but I don't. And I really envy those who are so artistically inclined. Of course, this is one of the things in him that makes me adore him very much.


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