Thursday, May 6, 2010

My new WIG!!

I was so excited yesterday to receive the wig which I bought from ebay. Well, I had to make a trip to the post office to take the small package. I actually wanted to get a wig that is similar to Namie Amuro's hairstyle (shown below) but maybe in auburn brown. The wig turned out fine. The colour was gorgeous and the length was really what I wanted. But I felt that the bangs was not enough and was not as much as shown in the pic.

Well, it was worth the price though. I think only 44 SGD for this length. If I got from the shops, it will cost me at least 70 SGD or maybe 80 plus SGD. I tried it on immediately!!! I was super curious on how I would look like. And really, I love the look. I'm still thinking whether I can wear this to match my Usakumya JSK or even my Surface Spell Strawberry JSK.

I really don't know how many wigs I have already and I'm still waiting for another wig from Fantasy Sheep. I love their wigs and I have just ordered a lolita wig from them. I really can't wait to receive it and wear it for my ROM. Only after I have started with about 3-4 wigs that I realise wearing wigs can be REAL FUN! It's just to great to see the different looks I can create with these wigs!


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