Saturday, May 15, 2010

The 3 pairs of gloves for ROM

I was looking for a pair of gloves to be worn for my ROM. I actually got a pair from R-series but they didn't really fit my hands as my fingers are pretty thin. And the gloves didn't fit my wrist. It was till a gathering at Mykii with my lolita friends that I found out that the gloves from Rose Melody actually fit my hands very well!!! My lolita friend, Karmen, told me that they did not cost very much and they are really beautiful. I was then quite determined to get a pair for myself.

R-series lace gloves

Rose Melody Lace Gloves

When I knew that my lolita friend, Victoria, was opening a taobao spree, I told her about the gloves that I wanted to get. I was elated when she told me she actually got a pair of brand new ones but they didn't fit her hands very well. I was like 'hurray'!!! I don't have to wait for it to come after a weeks time. Finally, I met up with Victoria and she passed me the gloves. They were gorgeous and fit the size of my hands! Woots woots!


At about 11 plus at night, I showed the gloves to my sister and wore one of the gloves on my left hand. Just as I was trying to remove the gloves, I heard the 'tuk' sound and felt some tugging. Suddenly, I just had a bad feeling. True enough, there was a hole in the glove! I had pulled the glove out too hard! Orh............. I was just so angry with myself! Why did I use so much force?????? I kept trying to comfort myself that the hole was not too big and it was in the valley of the two fingers so it's not that obvious. I might still just wear it in the end.... But ultimately, this was not convincing enough and I could not go on with that. I had to get a new pair. Traditionally, it is not good to wear or use something that is broken on the wedding day.


I quickly emailed my Victoria to place an order for my gloves. She was so nice to help me order it together with the yukata orders so that they can arrive in time for my ROM. I guess maybe that pair of gloves is just not meant to be worn by me. And I learnt something too - be gentle with things made of lace!


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