Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mom's handmade skirt and headdress & my make up

It's a super long time since I updated my blog. I felt so bad... so bad!!! Well, I've been so busy so busy with work for the last few weeks! It's CRAZY!!!! I just had time now for holidays and of course, taking a breather and went around for facial, eye treatment and shopping!

Last Saturday, I attended my cousin's wedding at Four Seasons Hotel and I also helped out at the reception. It was a wonderful wedding and I really enjoyed myself. I was so touched as he was a very close cousin of mine. And of course, how can I forget to dress up to his wedding???? I wore my mother's masterpiece - handmade skirt and headdress. She made this last year and I wore it for last years' National Day lolita gathering. And my mom was also proud of herself. Everyone was like "Huh? Aunt made this?" or "Your mother made this?"

I also quite like the make up that I did that day. I used the colours from the Sephora palette and the effect turned out pretty good.

I used Shade 1 as the base. It's actually a light shimmer pink.
After which, I used Shade 2 on the crease. It's a light sea blue.
And I used Shade 3 to emphasise the corner of the lid.
The three colours actually blended very well.
And not forgetting to highlight the area under the eye brow with white eye shadow 4.

I used this eye lash style from Bodyline this time.
It was pretty easy to fix.

For the lips, I used the shade marked '1'. This is a lip palette from Skin Food.

I really love the Sephora palette. It's made up of 5 different looks and the colours are gorgeous! And the quality is super good and the colours are matched just the way you can apply and you don't have to crack ur brains to think what colours you need to match with.


MISATO AI said...

WAO~ ur mum the best (Y)~ ^_^!! Nice skirt u have thr~!!

Hoiz Hanamiko said...

Haha yeah... Love it very much!!!

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