Saturday, May 8, 2010

I have finally got to watch Kamikaze Girls but...

Kamikaze Girls - a Japanese movie that featured many of the lolita dresses from Baby, the stars shine bright. Well, I heard about the movie but I have not got to watch it till my fiance showed me the movie. My fiance didn't understand the movie - it's just not his cup of tea. He's into zombies, Greek mythology, movies that are just so profound or gross which just turns me off. Although I thought the movie started off quite hmz.. weird... it kinda still got my eyes glued to the screen and my butt to the sofa.

I didn't manage to finish the movie. I only watched till this girl Momoko showing her Grandma's motorbike to Ichigo. That was still considered quite the beginning of the movie. I was just tired that evening. If not, I would have finished watching it, I'm sure. My fiance was just like - 'What kind of a movie is this?' although he knew that much of the lolita fashion was shown in this movie.

But the part which I could relate to the movie was when Momoko tried all sorts of ways to earn money to buy her lolita dresses. I could see myself as her! But the funniest part is that the Dad actually buy her lies and gave her the money. She just have to mention things such as "my friend got a horrible illness and needs money for treatment and she's so poor, so we all had to help her!" Besides giving her the money, her dad actually BURST INTO TEARS TOO! Are there such silly dads? Well, if I'm her, my reasons will not be so lame actually.

The way she shops for loli clothes is just like me! THERE'S NO END! The word 'enough' will never be in my dictionary. I think this applies to many of the lolis too. No matter how expensive the clothes, we will do whatever we can to save up or find opportunities (e.g. birthdays, valentines' day, xmas) to get the loli dress we like. And I really salute the lolis who are currently schooling. I mean, it's even more difficult for them to save up and buy a dress unless their parents are super supportive and willing to give them the $$ to buy now and then. I mean although now I'm working and it's easier for me to buy loli clothes, other priorities eventually come in such as wedding and marriage. These two things are actually currently the things which I goes through my mind when I want to buy lolita stuff. "Should I save up that few hundred dollars for my wedding instead?" "I feel bad. Wedding and marriage should come first. I CAN'T BUY!" No matter what, some part of my money will definitely be reserved for my lolita clothes. It's already part of me.


Misato said...

you should watch till the end!!.....You can see how a Lolita Blast off!!! WAHAHAHA

Hoiz Hanamiko said...

Haha... really? I am waiting for the holidays to come to just sit down and finish the movie.

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