Wednesday, May 12, 2010

B'day presents!

I just had my birthday last Monday which was on 10th May. In the past, I used to be super excited about my birthday. Seriously now, I don't know why I don't really feel anything at all. Maybe I have matured?? Haz. I reported to work as usual and did not leave early like I usually will. I stayed at my work place to finish up my marking and work. I did not celebrate my actual birthday with my fiance as we have agreed that we will celebrated this coming weekend.

Nevertheless, I was really touched by the birthday wishes from my friends on facebook. A simple greeting 'Happy Birthday' really makes me feel that I have many friends and family around me who care for me. And what's more, my colleague and friend, Serene, bought me a birthday pressie too. I was really touched because it was personalised.

This bottle of sweets is from Serene. It's real colourful and the colours is just able to lift up your spirits. It tastes great too!!! Sweet and a little citric sour. I will not leave my office without taking one!

Another gift that I received from my colleague is a handmade card. Cher-ly got her friend to make a sweet lolita card for me. It was SOOOOOOOOOO SWEET AND PINK! I was so impressed with the card that and at first, I though she bought it from a bookshop or something. Later on, I ask her for her friend's blogshop. I went to take a look at the blogshop and WOW!!!!! All of her cards were really pretty!!! You can check out

I am just thankful that I have friends who really care for me. E.g. my best friend, Junie was the first one who smsed me to wish me a happy birthday and even asked me when I am free tomeet up to celebrate birthday. I am just so touched.


Jo Fong said...

The card is v thotful - so nice to hv frens who rem your bDay!

Hoiz Hanamiko said...

Yeah... I like it a lot. Simple things like birthday wishes and cards can just make your birthday warm and nice.

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